ARCHIVE: Style Stealer Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld, one of the most sought-after high fashion editors and style advisors known to man had to be on this weeks “Style Stealer”. We are obviously huge fans of the former French Vogue editor for many reasons, however one of my favourite things about her is how certain she is of her own style.Almost in every front row photo or street snap she is in her signature pencil or fitted maxi/midi skirt and always in spectacular accessories. Never being short on anything in her closet, she has a natural skill of putting things together in a daring and provocative way that works incredibly well.
Carine also happens to be Tom Fords muse since he came out the doors of the prestigious “Parsons school of design” which she shares in her hectic but incredibly exciting reality-documentary film “Madmoiselle C” where he also makes an appearance in a photo shoot scene.
Carine is one of our top 5 style icons at Re.