Reload Evolve is an artistic direction and branding agency that will help build your visual voice. Using highly curated content and a peculiar visual expression, we build brands that boldly stand out from the white noise of current fashion and lifestyle e-commerce. 

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Elin Switz

Creative Director 

Born in Stockholm, grown up in New York and London Elin brings a world of influences and unorthodox thinking to the creative process. She is the visionary that will take your communication to the place where it looks and feels like art. As bold as she is tasteful she never hesitates on the direction once the boat has left the dock. 

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Anna Switz

Art Director

Anna started her career in online advertising but takes no cues from the old and tested. A self taught illustrator, surface pattern designer and brand strategist she's infinitely passionate about bridging gaps and creating holistic stories and solid platforms for her brands. She's a strategic visionary with a natural eye for detail who won't lose sight of the end goal.